Copyright note: "Stealing this picture has become sport for many." says Bryan Allen, the amazing photographer and author of this above work.  Illegal copies have appeared on no less than a bootleg Pink Floyd CD and even an FBI web page.  The story of this work is told here.  It is the Copyright Act that comes to the rescue. Copyright law is designed to stop infringers in their tracks.  It helps restore exclusivity and enjoyment back to the true owner of the work. That, in turn, inspires more creativity, which we all know is a good thing.



Worlds collide . . .

    What the law considers to be trade secret information may also collide with other areas of intellectual property rights.  That makes the field of trade secrets one that can be particularly difficult to navigate.  Wisdom generally dictates to be sure to analyze whether other fields of law, like patent, copyright ,trademark, could provide better solutions for protection.  Then having made a sound determination that a valuable asset should be protected as a trade secret, the owner should then jealously protect what he has.

     If you simply have information that is not generally known to your  competitors, and, because of that fact, it provides value to your business in some way, then you may have some things in common with this gentlemen to the left.  Whether it is something as spectacular as he has, or simply information that keeps your business running, trade secret law helps keep lightning jars, or the coca-cola formula, or the Colonel's secret recipe, or your own "show how" and "know how" from being taken by others.

     The critically important first steps to protecting trade secrets must be tailored to the particular nature of the information you have and then followed exactly. 








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